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LDF Government:  Four Years Exemplary Record

The LDF government has undertaken the most comprehensive social welfare measures ever in the history of Kerala. Welfare pensions were increased by more than double from Rs 600 to Rs 1,300 per beneficiary in 2020. Social welfare pensions amounting to Rs 23,409 crores have been disbursed so far.  Compared to this, the previous UDF government spent a total amount of Rs 9,270 crores for welfare pensions.

A key role is being played by the Kudumbashree network of women’s self-help groups. It has nearly 44 lakh members organized in 2.9 lakh neighborhood committees. They are engaged in a wide variety of activities such as micro enterprises, farming, animal husbandry, marketing and in the social sector in providing food to destitute and children.  Currently Kudumbashree is running 1,225 community kitchens during the Covid pandemic, along with local self-government bodies, providing free food to all the needy and deserving families and for Rs 20 for those who can afford it.

Another success has been the Life mission whose aim is to build houses for homeless families.  As of date, 2,19,154 houses have been built and handed over to the beneficiaries. The work to complete more houses, which was affected by the lockdown, has now been resumed.  The Haritha Keralam mission has revived 390 kilometers of rivers and 36,000 kilometers of water bodies after ridding them of pollution.

The state had to overcome not only the damage caused by the natural calamities but also the financial difficulties caused by demonetization, GST implementation and the overall negative attitude of the central government, as far as devolving resources to the state is concerned.

That the government stayed on course with its development activities and social welfare measures through repeated adversities have shown the caliber of the political leadership in the government.  Chief Minister, Pinarayi Vijayan, has set new standards in providing political guidance to policy making, always keeping the people’s interests in mind.

With only a year left for the completion of its term, the LDF government is concentrating on the continuing battle against the Covid virus and undertaking the daunting task of reviving the economy and livelihoods of the people. Given the experience of the past four years, the people of Kerala have full confidence that the Pinarayi government will fulfill all the commitments made to them. This is a government which has earned the trust of the people.

As for the rest of India, the LDF government in Kerala has shown that there is an alternative model to the neoliberal-communal regime. This is represented by a combination of fostering unity and solidarity among people, pro-people policies, empowered local self-government institutions, social justice, and countering privatization with strengthening of public health and education, public sector, and cooperatives.

New $25 Million Support Will Help Djibouti Grow its Economy and Improve Access to Services

Washington, May 31, 2020- The World Bank’s Board of Executive Directors approved on May 29, 2020, two new projects totaling US$25 million in credit from the International Development Association (IDA), the World Bank’s arm for the poorest countries. The new financing will help Djibouti address vulnerability, foster inclusive economic growth, and improve service delivery.

Protests sparked by George Floyd’s death get support from around the world

The widespread protests that were sparked after the death of George Floyd at the hands of Minneapolis police are getting support from others around the world.

Demonstrations popped up in several European cities and in Canada, more often than not near the cities’ respective U.S. embassy.

Pictures and video show people in London, Toronto, Berlin, and more holding signs that say, “Black Lives Matter” and chanting the same lines heard in cities across the United States.

Though sparked by Floyd’s death, the protests in these countries also focused on systemic issues of racism seen there. The protest in London saw chants in the historically black neighborhood of Peckham of “the UK is not innocent.”

Canada has merged their protests with those demanding justice for Regis Korchinski-Paquet, who fell from a 24th-floor apartment after her mother called the police to take her daughter to a mental health center.

After police entered the apartment, barring the mother and Regis’ brother from entering, Regis allegedly called out for her mother before falling to the ground.

As many as 4,000 people gathered in Toronto on Saturday to protest Canada’s racism. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said it is a very “real” issue in his country. The protests, though, remained peaceful as protesters dispersed around nightfall.

The hashtag for Black Lives Matter went viral in India, even as people there see news reports of the bodies of laborers Mohan Lal Sharma and Arvina Khatun being discovered or police brutally beating an unconscious man.

More protests are planned over the next few weeks in cities around the world as people continue to demand justice and reform to police systems that the protesters see as deeply flawed.

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