Philosophy, July 25th

“Happy were the ages past, while strangers to those infernal instruments of artillery, the author of which is, I firmly believe, now in hell, enjoying the reward of his diabolical invention, that puts it in the power of an infamous coward to deprive the most valiant cavalier of life; for, often in the heat of that courage and resolution that fires and animates the gallant breast, there comes a random ball, how or from whence no man can tell, shot off, perhaps, by one that fled and was afraid at the flash of his own accursed machine, and, in an instant, puts an end to the schemes and existence of a man who deserved to live for ages.” – Miguel de Cervantes, Don Quixote

“Communism deprives no man of the power to appropriate the products of society; all that it does is to deprive him of the power to subjugate the labor of others by means of such appropriation.” – Karl Marx, The Communist Manifesto

“It is always the latest song, the one that echoes last in the listeners’ ears, that people praise the most.” – Homer, The Odyssey

“The ruin of oligarchy is the ruin of democracy; the same disease magnified and intensified by liberty overmasters democracy – the truth being that the excessive increase of anything often causes a reaction in the opposite direction; and this is the case not only in the seasons and in vegetable and animal life, but above all in forms of government.” – Plato, The Republic

“Value, therefore, does not have its description branded on its forehead; it rather transforms every product of labor into a social hieroglyphic. Later, men try to decipher the hieroglyphic, to get behind the secret of their own social product: for the characteristic which objects of utility have of being values is as much men’s social product as is their language. The belated scientific discovery that the products of labor, in so far as they are values, are merely the material expressions of the human labor expended to produce them, marks an epoch in the history of mankind’s development, but by no means banishes the semblance of objectivity possessed by the social characteristics of labor. Something which is only valid for this particular form of production, the production of commodities, namely the fact that the specific social character of private labors carried on independently of each other consists in their equality of human labor, and, in the product, assumes the form of the existence of value, appears to those caught up in the relations of commodity production (and this is true both before and after the above-mentioned scientific discovery) to be just as ultimately valid as the fact that the scientific dissection of the air into its component parts left the atmosphere itself unaltered in its physical configuration.” – Karl Marx, Capital

“The abolition of existing property relations is not at all a distinctive feature of Communism.” – Karl Marx, The Communist Manifesto

“And is not their humanity to the condemned in some cases quite charming? Have you not observed how, in a democracy, many persons, although they have been sentenced to death or exile, just stay where they are and walk about the world – the gentlemen parades like a hero, and nobody sees or cares?” – Plato, The Republic

“In the world, there is nobody who does not wish to foster what he loves and discard what he hates. Now when you hear there is a district with a brave knight in it, you must follow him and kill him. This is not loving bravery; this is hating bravery.” – Mozi, The Book of Master Mo

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