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“It is true, again, that Anarchism does not recognize the principle of human rights. But it recognizes human equality as a necessity of stable society. How, then, can it be charged with failing to guarantee individuality?” – Benjamin Tucker, Instead of a Book

“But even apart from these relative differences in the value of money in different countries, it will frequently be found that the daily or weekly wage in the first nation is higher than in the second while the relative price of labor, i.e. the price of labor as compared both with surplus-value and with the value of the product, stands higher in the second than in the first.” – Karl Marx, Capital

“Ironical people who employ understatement appear more attractive in character, because their object is felt to be not profit but the avoidance of ostentation. They also especially disclaim qualities that are held in general regard, just as Socrates used to do. Those who disclaim trifling or commonplace qualities are called pretentious humbugs and invite greater contempt. Sometimes their conduct has the appearance of boasting; for instance, Spartan dress; because exaggerated deficiency is as ostentatious as excess. But those who make a moderate use of understatement, treating ironically of subjects not too commonplace or obvious, make a pleasant impression. The boaster is considered to be the opposite of the sincere man, because he is a worse character.” – Aristotle, The Nicomachean Ethics

“The writers of history have so far paid very little attention to the development of material production, which is the basis of all social life, and therefore of all real history. But prehistoric times at any rate have been classified on the basis of the investigations of natural science, rather than so-called historical research. Prehistory has been divided, according to the materials used to make tools and weapons, into the Stone Age, the Bronze Age, and the Iron Age.” – Karl Marx, Capital

“Thus, when the industrial cycle is in its phase of crisis, a general fall in the price of commodities is expressed as a rise in the relative value of money, and, in the phase of prosperity, a general rise in the price of commodities is expressed as a fall in the relative value of money. The so-called Currency School conclude from this that with high prices too much money is in circulation, with low prices too little. Their ignorance and complete misunderstanding of the facts are worthily paralleled by the economists, who interpret the above phenomena of accumulation by saying that in one case there are too few, and in the other, too many wage-laborers’ in existence.” – Karl Marx, Capital

“A great economic symptom of decay was the slow disappearance of the right of private property, and the gradual transference of the entire economy to the ownership of stock companies.” – Adolf Hitler, Mein Kampf

“I define Anarchism as the belief in the greatest amount of liberty compatible with equality of liberty; or, in other words, as the belief in every liberty except the liberty to invade.” – Benjamin Tucker, Instead of a Book

“The school as such in a folkish state must create infinitely more free time for physical training. It is not permissible to burden young brains with a ballast only a fraction of which they retain, as experience shows, not to mention the fact that as a rule it is unnecessary trifles that stick instead of essentials, since the young child cannot undertake a sensible sifting of the material that has been funneled into him. If today, even in the curriculum of the secondary schools, gymnastics gets barely two hours a week and participation in it is not even obligatory, but is left open to the individual, that is a gross incongruity compared to the purely mental training. Not a day should go by in which the young man does not receive one hour’s physical training in the morning and one in the afternoon, covering every type of sport and gymnastics. And here one sport in particular must not be forgotten which in the eyes of many ‘folkish’ minded people is considered vulgar and undignified: boxing. It is incredible what false opinions are widespread in ‘educated’ circles. It is regarded as natural and honorable that a young man should learn to fence and proceed to fight duels right and left, but if he boxes, it is supposed to be vulgar! Why? There is no sport that so much as this one promotes the spirit of attack, demands lightning decisions, and trains the body in steel dexterity. It is no more vulgar for two young men to fight out a difference of opinion with their fists than with a piece of whetted iron. It is not less noble if a man who has been attacked defends himself against his assailant with his fists, instead of running away and yelling for a policeman. But above all, the young, healthy body must also learn to suffer blows. Of course, this may seem wild to the eyes of our present spiritual fighters. But it is not the function of the folkish state to breed a colony of peaceful aesthetes and physical degenerates. Not in the respectable shopkeeper or virtuous old maid does it see its ideal of humanity, but in the defiant embodiment of manly strength and in women who are able to bring men into the world.” – Adolf Hitler, Mein Kampf

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