The world in brief – Saturday, September 24, 2022

In the USA, Jan 6 trials to begin and voter mobilization efforts underway:

Despite nearly 900 arrests and hundreds of convictions in the Jan 6 riot at the Capitol, Rhodes and four Oath Keeper associates — Kelly Meggs, Jessica Watkins, Kenneth Harrelson and Thomas Caldwell — are the first to stand trial on the rare and difficult-to-prove charge of seditious conspiracy. Prosecutors will try to show that the insurrection for the Oath Keepers was not a spur-of-the-moment protest but part of a serious, weekslong plot to stop the transfer of power. The trial could shed new light on Trump’s attempts to cling to power. It comes amid growing legal peril for the former president, who faces multiple investigations, including one by the Justice Department into his handling of sensitive government documents.

Seeking to build on success in 2020, the Poor People’s Campaign is undertaking a massive campaign across multiple states not just to register new poor and low-income/low-wealth people to vote, but to ensure those who already are registered actually do vote this year. And, given some of the states with the highest concentrations of such voters—restrictive red states such as Mississippi and Alabama—it also has laid plans with allied organizations to ensure that when those voters cast their ballots, their votes are counted and obeyed.

In India, a government housing scheme is left unfinished:

Flats built under Kanshi Ram Shahri Garib Awas Yojna in 2010 are now lying in ruins, waiting to be allotted to beneficiaries. A total of 600 flats were built by District Urban Development Authority (DUDA) at a cost of Rs 23 crore under the scheme for giving free houses to urban poor. The scheme was launched in 2008 when BSP supremo Mayawati became the chief minister of Uttar Pradesh. In the three-phased scheme, a total of 600 houses were built in Haldaur, Dhampur and Chandpur towns of Bijnor by Avas Evam Vikas Parishad in 2010. Later in 2013, when the Samajwadi Party came to power, the scheme was scrapped and a new plan called ‘Aasra Awas Yojana’ was launched.

Internationally, COVID-19 vaccination gap persists, Russia defends itself at UNGA, and Venezuela calls out West’s hypocrisy:

UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres on Friday called for efforts to close three major gaps to end the COVID-19 pandemic. Vaccine booster coverage remains low everywhere. Low-income countries, in particular, are still struggling, with only 35 percent of healthcare workers and 31 percent of older populations fully vaccinated and boosted, he said.

Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov spoke at the 77th UN General Assembly on Saturday, explaining Russia’s stance on key international issues, including Moscow’s relationship with the West and the ongoing conflict with Ukraine. After delivering his speech, Lavrov gave a big press conference on the UNGA sidelines. “We have repeatedly proposed over the years to agree on the rules for coexistence in Europe based on the principle of equal and indivisible security, approved at the highest level of OSCE documents. We made our last proposal to make this principle legally binding in December 2021, to which we received an arrogant refusal,” Lavrov stated.

On behalf of President Maduro the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Venezuela, Carlos Rafael Faría Tortosa read out a letter sent to the 77th Session of the UNGA. One of the key points of this letter was a call of conscience to humanity, in these critical moments in which life itself on the planet is in danger. The unipolar hegemonic order and its supremacist civilizational model have violated and threatened the indispensable international law, ignoring the self-determination and specificity of peoples.

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