Philosophy, August 9th

“A man’s tongue is a glib and twisty thing . . . plenty of words there are, all kinds at its command – with all the room in the world for talk to range and stray. And the sort you use is just the sort you will hear.” – Homer, The Iliad “Of course, heContinue reading “Philosophy, August 9th”

Philosophy, July 26th

“God help me, must I be a weakling, a failure all my life? Unless I am just too young to trust my hands to fight off any man who rises up against me. Come, my betters, so much stronger than I am – try the bow and finish off the contest.” – Homer, The OdysseyContinue reading “Philosophy, July 26th”

Philosophy, July 25th

“Happy were the ages past, while strangers to those infernal instruments of artillery, the author of which is, I firmly believe, now in hell, enjoying the reward of his diabolical invention, that puts it in the power of an infamous coward to deprive the most valiant cavalier of life; for, often in the heat ofContinue reading “Philosophy, July 25th”

Philosophy, July 24th

“Our lives are much too brief . . . If a man is cruel by nature, cruel in action, the mortal world will call down curses on his head while he is alive, and all will mock his memory after death. But then if a man is kind by nature, kind in action, his guestsContinue reading “Philosophy, July 24th”