Philosophy, July 29th

“Three elements or, if you like, three fundamental principles constitute the essential conditions of all human development, collective or individual, in history: (1) human animality; (2) thought; and (3) rebellion. To the first properly corresponds social and private economy; to the second, science; to the third, liberty.” – Michael Bakunin, God and the State “TheContinue reading “Philosophy, July 29th”

Philosophy, July 28th

“With suppressed irony, and using very cautious expressions, the factory inspectors hint that the present Ten Hours’ Act also frees the capitalist from some of the brutality natural to a man who is merely an embodiment of capital, and that it has given him time for a little ‘culture’. ‘Formerly the master had no timeContinue reading “Philosophy, July 28th”

Philosophy, July 27th

“And things which are at their best are also least liable to be altered or discomposed; for example, when healthiest and strongest, the human frame is least liable to be affected by meats and drinks, and the plant which is in the fullest vigor also suffers least from winds or the heat of the sunContinue reading “Philosophy, July 27th”

Philosophy, July 26th

“God help me, must I be a weakling, a failure all my life? Unless I am just too young to trust my hands to fight off any man who rises up against me. Come, my betters, so much stronger than I am – try the bow and finish off the contest.” – Homer, The OdysseyContinue reading “Philosophy, July 26th”

Philosophy, July 25th

“Happy were the ages past, while strangers to those infernal instruments of artillery, the author of which is, I firmly believe, now in hell, enjoying the reward of his diabolical invention, that puts it in the power of an infamous coward to deprive the most valiant cavalier of life; for, often in the heat ofContinue reading “Philosophy, July 25th”

Philosophy, July 24th

“Our lives are much too brief . . . If a man is cruel by nature, cruel in action, the mortal world will call down curses on his head while he is alive, and all will mock his memory after death. But then if a man is kind by nature, kind in action, his guestsContinue reading “Philosophy, July 24th”

Philosophy, July 23rd

“Owing to the extensive use of machinery and to division of labor, the work of the proletarians has lost all individual character, and consequently, all charm for the workman. He becomes an appendage of the machine, and it is only the simplest, most monotonous, and most easily acquired knack, that is required of him. Hence,Continue reading “Philosophy, July 23rd”

Philosophy, July 22nd

“It seems, then, as we have said, that the originating cause of actions is a man, and the field of deliberation is what is practicable for the agent; and that the actions are for the sake of something else. The object of deliberation, then, cannot be the end, but must be the means to ends.”Continue reading “Philosophy, July 22nd”