Daily Philosophy

“Indeed, we sometimes praise those who show deficiency, and call them patient, and sometimes those who display temper, calling them manly. However, the man who deviates only a little from the right degree, either in excess or in deficiency, is not censured – only the one who goes too far, because he is noticeable. YetContinue reading “Daily Philosophy”

Daily Philosophy

“We have now said enough to show that moral virtue is a mean, and in what sense it is so: that it is a mean between two vices, one of excess and the other of deficiency, and that it is such because it aims at hitting the mean point in feelings and actions. For thisContinue reading “Daily Philosophy”

Daily Philosophy

“There are mean states also in the sphere of feelings and emotions. Modesty is not a virtue, but the modest man too is praised. Here too one person is called intermediate and another excessive – like the shy man who is overawed at anything. The man who feels too little shame or none at allContinue reading “Daily Philosophy”

Daily Philosophy

“God’s act according to the philosophers is in a certain way not natural, nor is it absolutely voluntary; it is voluntary without having the deficiency which is attached to the human will. Therefore, the term ‘will’ is attributed to the Divine Will and the human in an equivocal way, just as the term ‘knowledge’ isContinue reading “Daily Philosophy”

Philosophy, August 11th

“Then the good and wise judge whom we are seeking is not this man, but the other; for vice cannot know virtue too, but a virtuous nature, educated by time, will acquire a knowledge both of virtue and vice: the virtuous, and not the vicious man has wisdom – in my opinion.” – Plato, TheContinue reading “Philosophy, August 11th”

Philosophy, August 7th

“The man who exceeds in fearing is a coward. He fears the wrong things and in the wrong way, and all the other similar qualifications attach to him. He also shows a deficiency in confidence; but he is more easily identified by his excessive reaction in cases of pain. Thus, the coward is a despondentContinue reading “Philosophy, August 7th”

Philosophy, August 4th

“Paying money for the use of money is a great and barbarous wrong. It is also a stupendous absurdity. No one man can use money. The use of money involves its transfer from one to another. Therefore, as no one man can use money, it cannot be right and proper for any man to payContinue reading “Philosophy, August 4th”

Philosophy, August 3rd

“Such an one is sure to be temperate and the reverse of covetous; for the motives which make another man desirous of having and spending, have no place in his character.” – Plato, The Republic “A machine which is not active in the labor process is useless. In addition, it falls prey to the destructiveContinue reading “Philosophy, August 3rd”

Philosophy, August 1st

“Of course, he can, like the man who is working for him, participate directly in the process of production, but then he is only a hybrid, a man between capitalist and worker, a ‘small master’. A certain stage of capitalist production necessitates that the capitalist be able to devote the whole of the time duringContinue reading “Philosophy, August 1st”

Philosophy, July 31st

“In short, the religions are, according to the philosophers, obligatory, since they lead towards wisdom in a way universal to all human beings, for philosophy only leads a certain number of intelligent people to the knowledge of happiness, and they therefore have to learn wisdom, whereas religions seek the instruction of the masses generally.” –Continue reading “Philosophy, July 31st”