The world in brief – Monday, October 3, 2022

In Yemen, warring sides fail to extend cease-fire: Yemen’s warring sides have failed to reach an agreement to extend a nationwide ceasefire, endangering the longest lull in fighting since the country’s bloody eight-year civil war began. The truce was brokered by the United Nations in April and has been renewed twice. The conflict began inContinue reading “The world in brief – Monday, October 3, 2022”

The world in brief – Sunday, October 2, 2022

In Vatican City, Pope Francis makes appeal to President Vladimir Putin to end fighting in Ukraine: Pope Francis has for the first time directly appealed to Russia’s President Vladimir Putin to stop the “spiral of violence and death” in Ukraine, saying he is haunted by “rivers of blood and tears”. The head of the CatholicContinue reading “The world in brief – Sunday, October 2, 2022”