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Daily Philosophy

“Indeed, we sometimes praise those who show deficiency, and call them patient, and sometimes those who display temper, calling them manly. However, the man who deviates only a little from the right degree, either in excess or in deficiency, is not censured – only the one who goes too far, because he is noticeable. YetContinue reading “Daily Philosophy”

News, August 26

GDP Growth – Second quarter of 2020, OECD Following the introduction of COVID-19 containment measures across the world since March 2020, real gross domestic product (GDP) in the OECD area showed an unprecedented fall, by (minus) 9.8%, in the second quarter of 2020, according to provisional estimates. This is the largest drop ever recorded forContinue reading “News, August 26”

Daily Philosophy

“Now, history is made, not by abstract individuals, but by acting, living, and passing individuals. Abstractions advance only when borne forward by real men. For these beings made, not in idea only, but in reality, of flesh and blood, science, has no heart: it considers them at most as material for intellectual and social development.Continue reading “Daily Philosophy”

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