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Here, you will find my selection of the most important philosophical works of the last 4 millennia. You can download Word files containing compiled excerpts from the texts. This list is a work in progress. Each time I finish reading a work, I compile the excerpts into a document, and add them here.

Disclaimer: There are likely works included here that may be considered shocking or offensive to some. My inclusion of them here does not constitute my agreement or disagreement with the principles or philosophies included therein. They are included only because of their monumental impact on the world of personal, moral, political, or social philosophy.

“The science that studies the supreme good for man is politics.”

“Surely the creation of the heavens and the earth is greater than the creation of man, but most men know it not.”

“If God is, man is a slave; now, man can and must be free; then, God does not exist.”

by Miguel de Cervantes

“Know, Sancho, that one man is no more than another, unless he can do more than another.”

“The irreligious man is not the person who destroys the gods of the masses but the person who imposes the ideas of the masses on the gods.”

“State boundaries are made by man and changed by man.”

“Past his strength no man can go, though he’s set on mortal combat.”

“Iron has powers to draw a man to ruin.”

“The Master doesn’t try to be powerful; thus, he is truly powerful. The ordinary man keeps reaching for power; thus, he never has enough.”

“It is machines that abolish the role of the handicraftsman as the regulating principle of social production.”

by Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels

“Communism deprives no man of the power to appropriate the products of society; all that it does is to deprive him of the power to subjugate the labor of others by means of such appropriation.”

“A noble man must study.”

“A State, I said, arises, as I conceive, out of the needs of mankind; no one is self-sufficing, but all of us have many wants.”

“To me, there’s only one form of human depravity – the man without a purpose.”

“From criticism the masses pass over to action.”

“The cooperation of theory and practice produces in humanity the realization of order – the absolute truth.”

“If punishments are numerous and minor penalties are applied, the country will have many criminals.”

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